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Ушел из жизни ветеран Анголы

Владимир Николаевич КАЗИМИРОВ

(1929 - 2024)

19 апреля 2024 года после продолжительной болезни скончался наш товарищ, Член Союза ветеранов Анголы, Чрезвычайный и полномочный посол СССР в Народной республике Ангола (3.09.87 - 10.10.90) Казимиров Владимир Николаевич (род. 1929). Совет Союза ветеранов Анголы выражает глубокие соболезнования родным и близким Владимира Николаевича.


English Guestbook
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[17.02.2023 12:24:47] Eduardo Gonzalez Sar
Dorogie Druzya: Ya chlien vashei Soyus Veteranov v Angole. Ya sluzhil tri raza kak liotchik istrebitiel. Bil Komandir Kubinskoi Eskadrliei Mig-23 ML na baze Lubango. U menia bili 4 sovietniki: Yura Mijailovich Ivashenko; Valeri Panteleimonovich Nierchu, Yura Ovieckin i Evgeni Gromov v godah 1985-86. Vsie oni nastoyashie, smieli muzhiki o kotorih ya gorzhus. Proshu naiti i peredat6 moi e-mail shtobi vosstanovit6 sviaz6 mieshdy nami. Spasibo.
[26.11.2021 23:40:52] игорь игнатович
The 1985 Aeroflot Antonov An-12 shoot down occurred on November 25, 1985, in Angola during the Angolan Civil War. An Aeroflot Antonov An-12BP cargo aircraft operated by the Soviet Air Force flying from Cuito Cuanavale to Luanda was shot down, allegedly by South African Special Forces, and crashed approximately 43 kilometres (27 mi) east of Menongue in Angola\\\'s Cuando Cubango province. All people on board the aircraft died in the crash. All eight crew members and four of the passengers were Soviet nationals. Nine other passengers were Angolans. n his book Journey Without Boundaries, SADF Colonel André Diedericks, a former South African Special Forces officer, claims that he was the person who gave the order to launch the missile that brought down the An-12. RIP brothers!
[27.08.2021 07:24:14] Admin
Leonid Krasov, soviet military translator, participant of the events near Onjiva in August 1981 (Operation of the South African Armed Forces in Angola "Protea"). Well, just 40 years ago, on this day, my most unforgettable "adventure" began with a length of some 8 days...
Below is a small essay on this topic. **Ссылка »***
[31.05.2020 20:43:11] Wessel Oosthuizen
Hi, I need a photograph of the Monument for the IL-96 Crew in the Crimea. Can you assist me plase? wesoos@telkomsa.net
[10.05.2019 19:31:39] Johan Schoeman
I was recently sent an order of battle for the Cuban 1 Grupo Tactico, which was the group that bumped into 61 Mech Bn at Techipa on 27 June 1988. Curiously it listed the artillery with the group as \\\"1 Grupo de Obuses (10 obuses de 180 mm)\\\"... I interpreted this as being a battery of 10(?) S-23 180mm howitzers, with a range that exceeds even our G-5 guns! Neither Cuba nor Angola are listed as users of this Russian gun, so I suspect that these guns were specifically sent to the Cuban 50th Division to counter or G-5s. I am trying to get confirmation about this because we have had NO reports of seeing these guns nor have they been in action against us. While their presence had been suspected, they were not mentioned in any SADF intelligence report or briefing at the time. Can any of the Russian advisers of the time (especially the artillery advisers) comment on this please? My direct email is johan@warinangola.com if you prefer not to communicate on this Guest book.
[22.04.2018 22:32:06] James
I served in 1 South African Infntry Battalion in 1988 / 1989 when the war reached its peak. Today I pay tribute to the Russian Armed Forces. Look at my website www.sa-soldier.com and leave your messages! Salute!
[07.01.2018 16:10:16] Светлана Михайловна
Distintos Camaradas e Conselheiros do Templo da Memoria Militar em Valaam, onde os Nomes de todos os que morreram em Angola foram recebidos para uma comemoracao de oracao eterna, Congratulamo-vos nesta Epoca Natalicia! Desejando a voce, sua familia e amigos saude, felicidade e sucesso, na bencao de DEUS em todos os seus caminhos e direcoes. V.S.
[22.12.2014 03:36:34] Stephan Fourie
Dear fellow comrade warriors, our political masters ordered us into battle against each other under the excuse of a lot of political propaganda we all believed at the time. So off to battle we rode to engage each other, and under the merciless African sun many of our comrades\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' lives bled into the sand, while we gallantly battled under severe conditions. Slowly a mutual respect grew, and today we can extend a and of comradely friendship and openly share our mutual experiences to tell the true story of the soldiers, not the propaganda the politicians confused the world with. I served in 1 SSB, an armoured unit, from 1974 to 1976, 8 of those months in what we knew as Operation Savannah, but our Cuban comrades knew it as Operation Carlotta. Battles such as Norton do Matos, Lobito/Benguela, Novo Redondo, Ebo, Nhia River, Caxito and Luso. 1976 I left and in 1977 joined the Rhodesian Army and fought against ZANLA and ZIPRA until 1980. I was not part of the much heavier conventional battles during the 1989\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s in SE Angola south of Cuito Quinevale, Tempo, etc. In that my friend Johan Schoeman served with distinction and speaks highly of your bravery. Later I rebadged and served in C Coy 44 Parachute Regt where I still serve as reserve leader element. Hope I can tie up with some chaps who served in those theatres so we can exchange memories and perhaps one day meet and look each other in the eye as fellow soldiers who simply served our countries. Email; stephan@sfa.co.za
[21.08.2014 11:38:32] Serguei,Shkarinenko
South African Army preparing immediate response force

Helmoed-Römer Heitman, Pretoria - IHS Jane\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Defence Weekly
13 August 2014

The Rooikat is the most suitable vehicle for the armoured element attached to the new ACIRC combat group, but the vehicle cannot fit in South Africa\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s transport aircraft. Source: IHS/Patrick Allen
South African Army chief Lieutenant General V R Masondo has confirmed that his service is in the process of preparing to meet additional deployment commitments that could arise within the framework of the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises (ACIRC).

South Africa took a lead role in proposing the creation of the ACIRC to enable Africa to deal with crises until the planned African Standby Force (ASF) is established. Under the initiative, South Africa is understood to be the first country required to have a combat group on standby, reportedly for three months from October.

Lt Gen Masondo confirmed on 14 August that the army is moving to meet this requirement and that Exercise \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Seboka\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', which will be held later this year, will focus on preparing a force for this role.

He said the intention is to prepare a combat group based on a motorised infantry battalion with attached armour, artillery, air-defence artillery and engineer elements. It would also have a medical task group from the South African Military Health Service - an independent service - attached to it.

The chief of joint operations, Lieutenant General Derrick Megwbi, has previously said that, after the experience in the Central African Republic (CAR) in March 2013, South Africa would not deploy a force without air support. The ACIRC combat group can therefore be expected to be a joint force with at least some Rooivalk attack helicopters and Oryx medium transport helicopters.

The challenge for the army is not so much standing up a rapid deployment combat group, but how to deal with missions that turn into extended deployments. It is already overstretched, with operational commitments requiring some 16 infantry battalions when it only has 13 battalions in its force structure, as well as a parachute battalion serving as the reserve.

The army has been able to sustain two external battalion-strength deployments and 13 infantry companies on border patrol only by making use of reserve force units, which presently provide seven of the border companies.

But a third battalion-strength deployment would be difficult for the infantry to sustain, and even more so for the armoured, artillery, and air-defence units. The Armoured Corps has two partly manned units, the others only one each, so the requirement to sustain a sub-unit for any length of time would be problematic.

The other main challenge lies entirely outside the remit of the chief of the army: the insufficient number of transport aircraft. At present the South African Air Force (SAAF) typically has no more than four of its C-130s operational and no other airlift capacity, while the navy has no sealift capacity at all. The risks of relying on chartered aircraft were clearly demonstrated in the CAR, but there is no funding to acquire the necessary heavy transport aircraft or vessels.

This challenge is very real, given that the Armoured Corps\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' only relevant vehicles are the 28-tonne Rooikat armoured car or perhaps the old 17 tonne Ratel-90, neither of which fits into a C-130 or even a chartered Il-76. The artillery is only marginally better off: the G5 towed howitzer is readily transportable, but neither a heavy gun tractor nor the Bateleur multiple rocket launcher will fit in a C-130. The combat engineers face a similar challenge with their vehicles, and the medical service with its containerised systems.

Given that the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' in ACRIC stands for \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'immediate\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\', it is difficult to see how even the army\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s best efforts will enable South Africa to meet this requirement in the near- to medium-term. Worse, there is some lack of understanding within the SAAF\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s planning staff of the need for heavy/long-range - as opposed to medium - airlift, let alone its urgency. That, if not addressed soon, could mean that the army will face a long-term airlift shortfall resulting from the wrong aircraft type being acquired.
**Ссылка »***
[20.05.2014 17:29:20] Abie Slabber
Hi there all you ex-commies :-) I was with 32BN (Baffalo) in 1983/84 in operation Askari and then afterwards the JMC. I even had a lift in one of your Hinds to employ with FAPLA once. I am in Germany now, and if any one ia available for a beer (or a Vodka), let me know.
[01.07.2013 23:13:26] Igor Ignatovich
[26.06.2013 22:18:48] Andrew McManus, Greetings from Russian war veterans! I was on the opposite side at the time, working for SWAPO as interpreter, 1985/88. Respect to all soldiers, who fulfilled their duty with dignity and honour! Salute!
[26.06.2013 22:18:48] Andrew McManus
Greetings fellow veterans, I was a 20mm gunner in a Ratel Armoured car, 1987 Angola, operation Modular with 61Mech Batalion. In particular the battle at the Lomba River against 47 Brigade will haunt me forever. RIP to the fallen soldiers and respect to both sides fighting wars in foreign lands. Salute.
[04.06.2013 19:42:34] Carlos Giraldo Perez
Estuve en Lubango en el periodo 1981-1983 como jefe de combustible del Regimiento,conoci a muchos de los acesores sovieticos que se encontraban en ese momento,comparti con ellos y quisiera que si alguno lo desea ,tener correspondencia con ellos.Mi direccion es:
Calle Gomera Edif.13 apto 1 /Tenerife y Fuerte Ventura Cabaiguan prov.Sancti Spititus.carlosg@refssp.cupet.cu telefono 666214
Seria bueno intercambiar anecxdotas de ese tiempo.GRACIAS
[30.04.2013 17:15:19] Ariel Hugo
I served the South African army during 1981 at 61 Mech Battalion group, based at Omithya located in Ovamboland. Johan Schoeman was one of my friends. I am currently part of team that will write the history of our battalion and would like to get in touch with former foes that know about 61 and can make a possible contribution. Please contact the 61 Mech veterans association at: admin@61mech.org.za

Keep well - remember former foes or veterans shared common ground and common memories.


Ariel Hugo
National Convenor: 61 MVA
[22.04.2013 13:55:15] Marius Scheepers
Book about the period 1983/84 available, Striking inside Angola with 32 Battalion, by Marius Scheepers , go to **Ссылка »***
[01.04.2013 14:32:49] Шкариненко С.В.
Interesting film about history of S.A.R.(link published at Army Talk by Martin Foster)- "The Last of the Boers" **Ссылка »***
[12.03.2013 14:08:11] Шкариненко С.В.
"fast"-у.Сначала приведите в порядок побережье,уберите мусор,пластиковые бутылки и пакеты с пляжа,затяните металлической сеткой срезы гор на перевалах,тогда,может быть,и поедут туда люди.
[09.03.2013 13:35:45] fast

Приехав на отдых в Лазаревское, вы сможете совместить полноценную городскую жизнь с отрешенностью и нетронутостью девственной природы, насладиться многочисленными экскурсиями или повысить уровень адреналина, воспользуясь возможностью покататься на аквабайке, походить под парусами, полетать на параплане над морской гладью или над горными вершинами.
Близость ко всем курортам Чёрного моря, уникальное геоклиматическое расположение, умеренные цены и универсальность во всём - вот отличительные качества этого поселка.**Ссылка »***
[15.02.2013 05:00:08] Johan Schoeman
The NEW War In Angola Information Portal is now up and running again. Please feel free to register and explore the more than 2,800 pages of information and thousands of photos loaded. Also, you are welcome to interact with the currently over 3,150 members of the portal as well. www.warinangola.com
The members of the War In Angola Portal would hereby like to congratulate former Soviet advisers on their Internationalists Memorial Day too.
[16.01.2013 23:04:56] Max Gladkov
Of course, you are right, Sergei. In my post I am writing "the wife of A lieutenant colonel. Of course, there was another one, but my stress is on the women. Moreover, in our archive we have post-mortem pictures of all the Russian casualties of that day kindly provided to us by our SA counterparts - for obvious reasons they will never be published.


[14.01.2013 17:20:41] Shkarinenko Serguei
To Paul -you wrote "never allow a family to be together on the front line".The question is that neither Cahama,Xangongo nor Ondjiva was not considered as a "frontline" by our HQ untill the "Protea" incursion in 1981 that,s why the families were allowed to be together with husbands.
To Maxim(small correction) - we lost 1 more adviser in Cahama(Alexei)
[08.01.2013 12:37:45] Max Gladkov
Hi Paul,

It's true, the story with a child or children is part of several SA accounts of Op Protea. We have on our website the account of Thinus van Staden retold by Jim Hooper **Ссылка »***
The English version goes immediately after the Russian one. Not everything in this account is true. Or fully true. Of course, the presence of our advisors wives and children in combat areas was not allowed. However, before Op Protea, Onjiva, Xangongo and Cahama were relatively calm, and some of our advisors stayed there with there families. The question is why they were not evacuated before the first strike. Nevertheless, when Onjiva was attacked there were no children there - they all had been taken away by the first group that left the area. Unfortunately, there were women in further groups, and two of them were killed in action along with two advisors. One killed woman was the wife of a killed lieutenant colonel, and the other was the wife of warrant officer Nikolai Pestretsov who was captured by SA forces and then imprisoned in South Africa to be eventually swapped thanks to the support of the International Red Cross Organization.

Again, no Russian children were killed of missing in action during Op Protea.


[07.01.2013 00:17:23] Obis Gomez
Saludos a todos los veteranos Rusos de la guerra de Angola, estube en Lubango en los anos 1982 - 1984 en el centro de la misma ciudad,alli se encontraba una unidad de asesores rusos, me gustaria tener correspondencia , gomez63@arcor.de
[04.01.2013 14:24:49] Paul Pierskalla
There is something of the bush war that we cannot understand. Twice I read about a Russian Couple (Majors and later Sergeant majors ) that were killed in a battle in Angola. Nobody can now give me printed references. There was talk that their children were with them. Our Spec guys searched but never found them. Now a friend that works in Russia says that they would never allow a family to be together on the front line. True or just a costly mistake? Paul
[10.12.2012 19:09:31] Орест Кашараба
Орест Кашараба
Ищу группу топографов, Луанда. 1980 - 1984 гг.
tambem amigos angolanos e companeros cubanos
Сейчас живу в г. Краснодаре
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